Thursday, September 22, 2016

[demo] 256 Byte Prods from Function 2016

There was a massive onslaught of 256 byte MS-DOS prods at Function this year. Seems the project is showing it's first fruits. Anyway, time to check out some of the highlights from the compo.

Alien satellite by Transistor Core

Even though it may not be on par with some of the crazy 3D stuff people are pulling off in 256 bytes nowadays, I quite enjoy Transistor Core's unique take on it. Terenc's sizetros really have a distinct style that is easily recognizable. 11th place in the compo.


Malware by Satori

Not exactly a serious contender for the win, but a very fun prod. It's got skulls, it's got glitches, it's got PC Speaker sound - what more could you possibly want? 10th place in the compo.


kaneda by sensenstahl

They ain't callin' it #sensenstahlism for nothing. Another mindblowingly beautiful prod from the grandmaster of 256 byte style. 7th place in the compo, should have placed higher in my opinion.


Spinception by Desire

Hellmood at it again... I don't think I've ever seen a bad prod from this guy. It's hard to describe what's going on this one, so just have a look for yourselves. 6th place.


You are invaded by Kuemmel

This one got some serious balls. Well, actually just one ball, but it's huge!
Enough for 5th place anyway.


Autopilot by Digimind

Didn't this guy totally blow everybody's mind at last year's Function already? Well, here he goes with another top notch production. 3rd place this time.


Atraktor by Řrřola

After 3 years of absence from the scene, sizecoding legend Řrřola makes a stunning comeback. I'm incredibly pleased to see he's still going strong. This is the winner of the compo, btw.


[podcast] istota ssąca 56

Ubunoir's Istota ssąca #56 is out. I believe I've never mentioned this awesome podcast on here before, so time to give a shout out to one of the most respected institutions of lo-fi electronic underground music. If you're into weird and quirky stuff, then you're in for a treat.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

[album] Spontaneous Compression by YM DIGITAL

YM DIGITAL (aka Yerzmyey and Factor6) have released a new album. "Spontaneous Compression" contains nine all-around great oldschool gems, all digi tunes made on Atari ST. With it's often rather mellow mood, this might easily be my favourite YM Digital release yet.

Note there's no bandcamp streaming for this one. As is appropriate for an oldschool release, it's distributed the oldschool way - via the band's website. Source MOD files are available as well.

Friday, September 2, 2016

[soft] HoustonTracker 2.20 Released

Got a new HoustonTracker version ready! It features some interesting new effects, improved speed control, and comes with a savestate manager utility for importing tracks from older HT versions. Check out the video below for a little demonstration of the new features.

Get HT 2.20 at

[album] Proyek Pembangunan Semesta Paralel by remedmatika

Very happy to see a new release from one of the most unique chiptune artists out there. "Proyek Pembangunan Semesta Paralel" consists of two wonderfully dreamy, soothing NES works which I can't describe as anything other than beautiful. Remedmatika has been on my list of favourite chippers for a long time, but he's really outdone himself with this release in terms of quality and intricacy of the tracks included. Too bad there's just two of them.

Friday, August 26, 2016

[demo] Line Feed by Defence Force

A demo for the Oric? Now that's something you don't see every... wait what? It's not for the Oric computer, you say? Oh, wow, it's for the Oric MPC40 line printer! Now, while line printers might be counted as one of the oldest demo platforms around, it's always refreshing to see someone give it a try, and needless to say, it's an art that's become super-rare in our days. Second place in the wild compo at Solskogen, by the way.


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

[album] Tufty's 1-Bit Mechanistic Now Available as CD/Musicdisk

Tufty's magic ZX Spectrum beeper album is now available on CD. So head over to the bandcamp page and grab one while they last!

Also, you can now enjoy these 1-bit classics in musicdisk format (or rather, musictape), to be run on actual ZX Spectrum hardware. Coded by yours truly ;)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

[demo] Ancient Wonderworld's Amiga Summer Favourites

Round two of clearing the backlog of great demos that have been released in the recent months. Today, I'll be taking a look at 3 of my favourite new Amigaaaaaaaaa demos.

Exhibit A: "Omnimetatheorem", a very solid 64k intro for Amiga AGA by Software Failure. While the "transparent polygon" effect is nothing new on AGA, the facts that this is a 64k AND was put together by a single person (ham) makes it worthwhile. Second place in Euskal's combined intro compo.


So you think you need AGA to do threeedeeee? Well, have a look at "e255" by Bomb, Sanity, and Dreamdealers, then. This demo for the classic Amiga 500 (with harddrive support, 1MB chipram, and 1.5MB slowram, though a final version for lower specs has been promised) is not just pretty impressive in terms of it's code, but is also fresh-looking and super stylish. Well-deserved first place at Evoke's "alternative demo" compo.


Last but by no means least, I've got another AGA prod here. This one is by no other than the mighty Ephidrena, making a comeback after 4 years of absence from the scene. Well-paced, timeless visuals, superb music, and first place at Solskogen's oldskool demo compo, here's "Neonsky".


Sunday, August 21, 2016

New Sizecoding Wiki

Several legendary figures from the MS-DOS and sizecoding scenes got together to bring you, a wiki about x86 sizecoding.

I've only delved into it a little bit, but from what I've seen I can say that there's already a wealth of information there, and it's extremely well presented. Plenty of good stuff both for size-coding beginners and advanced x86 cracks can be found.

My only hope is that eventually some content about sizecoding on non-x86 platforms will be added. Well, seems anyone can sign up for an account there, so it's possible... In any case, massive props to trixter, HellMood, and qkumba for this excellent project!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

[album] DUBCTR by Goto80

A new, interactive A/V release by Goto80, with cody by 4mat and pixel art by ilkke. Also includes a load of remixes, appearently. This release comes in a unique format - as a cartridge for the C64, that is. Unfortunately the cart is already sold out two days after it's release, so for the time being your only choice is to enjoy the beautiful, quirky and diverse audio-visual treat on bandcamp. Btw the bc page includes video captures, so head over there rather than simply relying on the embed below.